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Album: Space Containers

My design for a space container system for the Moonbase design, together with an mechanic locking device.

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Views: 52
My (skeleton) design for a space container. It is 8x16x7.2, nah has 8 plates 1x2 with handle as multipurpose connectors.
Views: 45
This is a (again skeleton) container locking device, which could be part of a vehicle, train or crane.
Views: 59
As seen from top. The locks are in transport position, i.e. locked.
Views: 62
The Locking mechanism in open position.
Views: 56
Of course, the white cludge gear to the right is intended to connect to a motor.
Views: 57
The container, dropped into the locking system.
Views: 52
A short turn at the cludge gear, and it is locked. All in all, it takes a little more than a quarter turn to open or close.
Views: 66
When the device is in the locked position, the container is seated firmly in place.
Views: 51
The very same mechanism can be turned into a cranes gripping device for the containers.
Views: 56
Voila! Up, up in the sky the little container goes.