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+5Výstava kostek Bruntál - (Exhibition of Bricks Bruntál) 25. & 26.5. 2024 Tschechien


I'm 20 year old AFOL from Czech Republick. (I hope it doesn't mind, that I'm writing in English)
I would like to invite you to my first event ,, Výstava kostek Bruntál '' (Exhibition of Bricks in Bruntál) 25.5. & 26.5. 2024.
Also we are looking for AFOLs who would like to expose their LEGO models there.
Accommodation would be provided free of charge for exhibitors and as a reward they will receive LEGO sets or bricks, by their preferences.
The city of Bruntál where event is, is located in the Jeseníky mountains with beautiful nature, so it would be possible to go on a trip around the area and show you the landmarks together with Czech AFOLs
If you would like to expose your model there, or If you would have any questions, feel free to message me.

I'm also sending you link Facebook event:…out


Thanks for reading this article
Radek Bart Popik

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