18.06.2021, 21:00

Nächste Tour durch die LEGO Geschichte im LEGO HOUSE

Die Tour ist in englischer Sprache, daher hier ohne Übersetzung nochmal der Hinweis:

Next week LEGO House offers the next Live Tour from the History Collection.

Kristian Reimer, LEGO Corporate Historian, has exiting items from the LEGO archive to show that have not been shown for many years.
He will provide a guided tour in a pre-defined the History Collection and zoom into the years 1947 – 1961. The gamechanger happened in 1958 when the LEGO brick was introduced.

The price per tour is 50 DKK (ca. 7 USD) and you can sign up for the tours via our website, where you also find all information about the tours:
LEGO® House - Live tours of History Collection (legohouse.com)

We offer 2 tours (same content) during the day to cater for different time zones.
We are looking forward to seeing you online.

Best regards from your team from LEGO House

Zur Anmeldung: https://legohouse.com/en-...lego-house-live-tours/

Viele Grüße
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