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robotmak3rs Olympia Wettbewerb


Ich teile hier mal einen derzeit laufenden Wettbewerb der Robotmak3rs.
Baue einen Roboter der zum Thema „Olympia“ passt. Das könnte ein Roboter sein der einen Sport betreibt oder Dir hilft einen Sport zu betreiben.
Überlege welche Bewegungs-Funktionen und Sensoren der Roboter haben sollte.

Einsendeschluss ist der 15. Mai. Die Wettbewerbs-Beiträge können auf einem der unten genannten Facebook Kanäle gepostet werden und müssen mit dem Hashtag #ROBOTMAK3RSOlympics versehen werden. Weitere Infos siehe unten in englischer Sprache:

It's time for a new Robotmak3rs contest! This time we challenge you to build a robot that fits the theme: Olympic games. It can be a robot that plays or that can help you play a sport! Just think about what moving functions would you give your robot and which sensors it will use.
- May 15th 2021
- Post your creation in one of the following facebook groups:
What to include in your post:
- The creator’s name, age and country
- Use the hashtag: #ROBOTMAK3RSOlympics in your post
- Explain the functions of your robot and how to use it
- Share photos and/or video. A video is not required but encouraged as it helps to demonstrate the functionalities of your game.
- There are no limitations on part numbers or sets. Everything is allowed.
- Your creation must contain MINDSTORMS, BOOST, Powered UP, CONTROL+, WeDo or SPIKE Prime
- Children are also allowed to join the contest; parents can post on their behalf. Please indicate in the post that the entry is from a child.
- There will be two categories: Kids (1 and Adults (18+)
- The winners will be selected by members of the RLOC Robomak3rs
- Winner will be picked based on Creativity, complexity, originality and use of sensors.
- The winners will be featured on Robotmak3rs community page and will receive LEGO set 42123, some restrictions may apply.
- The robotmak3rs community is not responsible if prizes can not be sent due to to unforeseen circumstance

Viele Grüße
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Re: robotmak3r Olympia Wettbewerb

Hallo Dirk,

Leider ist eine Teilnahme ohne facebook-Account nicht möglich......
Für mich komplett uninteressant.

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