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+1AFOL Tag im LEGO House - online für alle!


Im Rahmen des Skaerbaek Fanweekend findet in jedem Jahr ein AFOL Tag im LEGO House statt.

Normalerweise würden also die Teilnehmer des Fanweekends an dem Tag nach Billund fahren und einen Tag mit diversen Aktivitäten im LEGO House verbringen.
Dies ist in diesem Jahr aus bekannten Gründen nicht möglich, so hat man sich zu einer virtuellen Veranstaltung entschlossen.

Alle AFOL, egal ob zum Fanweekend angemeldet oder nicht, können sich kostenlos für die Teilnahme registrieren:
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COVID-19 keeps changing our plans – but for once something nice also comes out of it. Unfortunately LEGO House has had to change our long planned AFOL day on the 24th September into a digital experience. This is extremely disappointing for all the AFOLs who purchased a ticket and had been looking forward to a great experience in connection with the Skaerbaek Fan Weekend. The positive side effect is that the digital fan day will be available for everybody all over the world!

Participants are very welcome to participate in all three hours if they have the time – and enough coffee at hand. But they are also very welcome to tap in and out of the day as it suits them – and their time zone.

The host for the day will be play agent Emil Saaby, and he’ll introduce all speakers and do his best to ask your questions to the speakers. We would already now encourage everybody to think about the questions they would like to ask, so we can secure smooth sessions.

Please find the programme for the 24th September 2020 at this link – and please note that we would like participants to sign-up for the individual sessions:


The LEGO House will be closed for any public traffic that day so there is unfortunately no possibility to join the sessions in person. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Viele Grüße
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+1Re: AFOL Tag im LEGO House - online für alle!


kleine Erinnerung - morgen findet der o.g. AFOL-Tag statt.


Dirk1313 gefällt das

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