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+3Bauwettbewerb zum Lego Movie 2

Alle Infos auch in deutscher Sprache auf der offiziellen Teilnahme-Website: https://www.lego.com/de-d...go-movie-2/competition

PS: Das Popup beim Aufruf der Teilnahmebedingungen könnt ihr ignorieren
PPS: Viel Spaß beim lesen der neunseitigen Datenschutz- und Teilnahmebedingungen
PPPS: Hier der direkte Link zu dem Dokument

Zusammenfassung aus dem LAN Blog:

LEGO.com is hosting a new LEGO Movie 2 Building Contest for builders of all ages.

Do you and your best building buddy want to see your awesome design in the end of The LEGO® MOVIE 2™?

Emmet and his brick friends are back in the most awesome movie sequel in Bricksburg history! And they need YOUR help to make THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™ even more awesome - to the end and beyond!

How to enter:

1. Team up with your best building buddy - a friend, parent, brother or sister, pen pal, pet – you get the picture!

2. Build a LEGO creation that combines your two most favorite things in the world. Broccoli and cookies? A dragon and a butterfly? What will it be?

3. Take a picture of yourselves with your awesome creation.

4. Go to LEGO.com/the-lego-movie-2/competition and have a parent for each building buddy download, print and sign the submission form – then send the form along with your picture to the e-mail found on the page.

Make sure you send your entry before July 31st. You could make the end credits of the movie come to life with your awesomely creative design!

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